About Us

Floating Relaxation

Flothetta is designed to experience a floating relaxation that gives you freedom from all external distractions. You are comfortably wrapped in water creating the perfect setting for the weightless body to experience a deep nourishing relaxation. While floating the whole chemistry of the body changes. Such as the muscle tension, the blood pressure and the heart rate drops dramatically and stress related chemicals are removed from the bloodstream and replaced by beneficial one's. Floating has a great effect on the mind as the deeply relaxing activity sets the brain to a theta state, which is a deep and healing state, normally achieved in deep meditation. All these biochemical changes occur naturally, all you need is to lie back and float into deep relaxation.


What is Flothetta?

The idea of Flothetta was conceived in the year 2012 by Unnur Valdís, a product designer with a special interest in health and wellbeing. The birthplace of the design, Iceland is a land of wealth when it comes to thermal pools, due to the geological location of the country. The original design consists of a set of leg floats and one head piece. This float accessories were made to support independent floating in any water as a way to relax, reduce muscle and skeleton stress, letting go of emotional and mental stress and improve overall body-spirit connection.
For centuries the Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of the water, establishing a strong connection to the water through daily trips to the swimming pools. The design of Flothetta has been a lovely addition to the bathing culture of the country, and since it became available it has opened up a world of relaxing togetherness in the water, forming little communities where people come together to float and enjoy nourishing experiences in the water. 
The product itself, Flothetta, has sprouted not only a community, but also a culture. With the training of skilled people to supervise float gatherings, holding the space and giving support the culture has elevated to greater connection and wellness experience in the water. All this supporting the vision of Flothetta to bring more people to the water to enjoy.


Available in selected stores in Iceland:

Eirberg, Kringlan & Stórhöfði 25.


For informations on events and Samflot (float gatherings) visit: https://www.facebook.com/flothetta