Floating Relaxation

Flothetta is designed to experience a floating relaxation that gives you freedom from all external distractions. You are comfortably wrapped in water creating the perfect setting for the weightless body to experience a deep nourishing relaxation. While floating the whole chemistry of the body changes. Such as the muscle tension, the blood pressure and the heart rate drops dramatically and stress related chemicals are removed from the bloodstream and replaced by beneficial one's. Floating also has a great effect on the mind as the deep relaxing activity sets the brain to a theta state, which is a deep and healing state, normally achieved in deep meditation. All these biochemical changes occur naturally, all you need is to lie back and float into deep relaxation.


What is Flothetta?

Flothetta is designed by Unnur Valdis a product designer from Iceland. “A huge part of my life has taken place in the water, coming from a country were abundance of water and geothermal energy enriches the land. Daily trips to the swimming pools and occasional baths in exotic nature are all part of my upbringing and daily life of living with the water”. Flothetta is more than a design of a product, it is a part of a new culture that embraces moments of calmness and quietness. Using the healing properties of the water to slow down and enjoy a mindful and meditative moments of bliss.

When you enjoy a floating relaxation the harmful stress hormones are washed out and replaced with feel-good endorphin. It offers a natural pain relief and is very helpful for those who are dealing with back and joint problems. 

With a set of Flothetta Cap and Float Support the body can enjoy a weightless floating relaxation.



Available in selected stores in Iceland:

Systrasamlagið, Seltjarnarnesi
Gló Markaður, Fákafeni
Eirberg, Kringlan & Stórhöfða
Jurtaapótekið, Skipholti.
Sjoppan Vöruhús, Akureyri