Float Classic Combo


Float Classic is a special offer package of Flothetta Cap Future Edition, Leg Floats, Weighted Eye Mask and Aqua Blanket. Great combo to enjoy floating relaxation.

Flothetta Classic consists of:
A set of Future Edition Flothetta Cap and Leg Floats.

Weighted Eye Mask to stimulate deep relaxation.

Aqua Blanket to maintain body temperature and give a soothing and calming feeling while enjoying floating relaxation.

Care instructions to support products life span:
1. It is recommended to rinse with fresh water after use.
2. If you drain water, please fold the product into it’s original pattern shape
to avoid deforming products original structure.
3. Do not wash in a washing machine (does not apply for Aqua Blanket).
4. Do not dry in a dryer or place products in any other spinning machine. Do not iron.
5. For good drying it’s recommended to hang in a shady, warm and dry place.