Float Support Combo


Float Support is a special offer package with selected float support accessories that are especially helpful to float heavy muscles and bones and all body types that sink more easily and need that extra support.

Float Support package consists of:
Flothetta Head Pillow that offers comfortable head and neck support. The pillow cradles the head in a secure and comfortable position, preventing it from falling side-to-side.

Pair of super soft and solid Leg float supports, in size large. The softness of this leg floats feels great on the skin.

Extension pillow is designed to offer many levels of support and can be extremely helpful in giving that extra support where it is needed, like under knee, pelvis, back and neck area.

H-Pillow offers stability and support to neck and upper body with a gentle chest expansion through a thoracic spine opening. The pillow can also be adjusted into very good head and neck support

Care instructions to support products life span:
1. It is recommended to rinse with fresh water after use.
2. If you drain water, please fold the product into it’s original pattern shape
to avoid deforming products original structure.
3. Do not wash in a washing machine (does not apply for Aqua Blanket).
4. Do not dry in a dryer or place products in any other spinning machine. Do not iron.
5. For good drying it’s recommended to hang in a shady, warm and dry place